S afe Consent  is an app to combat sexual harassment and sexual assault. You get the app, make a profile with your thumbprint as your identifier. You send or receive requests between you and your partner.

You or your partner can either accept or deny the request.

The point of this app is for when that time comes and partners would like to hookup, it puts a pause in the action to ensure everyone is on the same page and really wants to continue.

Safety and peace of mind are priceless.

How It Works

It works differently according to whether both users are using the app or only one user is using.

Case 1: Both Users are Using

  • Allows User 1 to ask for a Safe Consent by sending it to User 2 ‘s email address.
  • User 2 will receive a Notification and has the option to decline or approve.

  • Tapping “Approve” will save both users’ thumbprint to the “Safe Consent” where both of them will have each own copy.

  • The verbiage of the consent read as follows:

    • This document represents the ability and willingness to consent to a mutually agreed upon sexual encounter on (Date and Time) at (Agreed Place).

    Note: The Date & Time and Agreed Place must be filled out.

Case 2: Only One User is Using

  • The user will ask his/her partner, to read the consent on his/her phone and proceed to have his/her partner’s thumbprint scanned and ask to provide his/her partner’s email address.

  • If the user’s phone doesn’t have a fingerprint scanning technology, he/she can resort to taking a photo of his/her partner’s thumbprint.

  • A “Safe Consent” copy will then be sent to his/her partner’s email address.

Previous Consents

Approved or Declined Consent

By Tapping a Consent

To Save or Print the Safe Consent Document


Notifications of the following app activities will be displayed.

  • Other users requested a Safe Consent
  • Other users declined the Safe Consent
  • Other users approved the Safe Consent




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